How to Use Leorex Anti-Aging Products

Leorex Booster User Instruction

Instructions Of All In One Kit 

Leorex Gold Edition

1. Start with the booster (in the golden bag). Rinse the face well and leave slightly wet. Do a half-minute massage per bag before opening. Open the bag and apply a thin layer on all face and scraps are recommended to apply on the neck (do not come in direct contact with the eye but can be closer to the eyes and lips) in contact with the skin, the cream will turn golden. Wait for the color to turn white (between 15-25 minutes) and rinse with lukewarm water and gently dry. (* Used in active booster - the substance will not turn golden in contact with the skin and just wait 15-20 minutes to dry)

2. Serum - After cleansing the face, apply the serum and wait for it to absorb

3. Take some eye gel on your fingertips and pat Lightly rotate around the eye socket and eyelid area and wait to absorb

4. Apply moisturizer to the face.

5. If going out of the sun after treatment of the booster, it is important to apply sunscreen.

Booster treatment (gold or active) is recommended twice a week and the other products are recommended on a daily basis and will extend the effect of the booster and give you balanced and healthy skin

** Before an important event, the booster can be used twice in row with one hour between treatments. If something is unclear before use, you can always contact customer service at toll free number 1 (800) 345-2309